CHANEL POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE | I got brought this little beauty for christmas. I have been itching to try more of Chanel's beauty collection. After only really giving the lips and nails selection a go a being impressed with the quality and stunning packaging it was time to extend out into the face collection. From first use I was in love. If you've been searching for the ultimate photoshopped powder you can look no further. I cannot fault this powder. I apply it once in the morning at 6am, then around 4/5 is when it starts to get a little too shiny all up on my face. But for a good 11 hours my face is kept smooth and flawless. 
RIMMEL 60 SECOND NAIL POLISH | I'm bloody obsessed with everything khaki green at the moment! green also being my favourite colours I just can't get enough as the trends fade into the khaki green's. I actually picked up this polish from Pound Land! It's such a stunning neutral colour for nails. 
LOVE TANYA BURR | I personally didn't have many hopes for Tanya's book. After not really enjoying Zoe Sugg's book I was in two minds to whether to buy Tanya's book. However as Tanya released sneak peeks on Twitter/Instagram I noticed it was nothing like Zoe's fiction book. Tanya's book is exactly what i'd expect from a youtuber. The book is told through Tanya as she tell's us a bit more about her child hood, from growing up, to falling in love and how it all began for her. It then goes on to chapters of her favourite skin care, beauty and experiences. She's even added note section fro yourself to write down your favourite memories and favourite beauty products! I personally think this is such a lovely thing to add to a book. I would highly recommend you pick up Tanya's book because even if you don't like it, it's a pretty table book. 
ROSE GOLD WATCH | I have linked to the watch but the metal work doesn't look very rose gold in that photo. Anyway I was having a nose in ASDA picking up some bits before getting my train when I spotted the watches. I've been meaning to replace my watch for a while now as it's so scratched and faded from work. When I spotted this watch and the price I couldn't say no. it's been weird to get use to after having a all metal loose fitting watch, But I love the huge face and style of the watch. 
INSTA BLUR | This was one of them, "that blogger keeps going on about it, so I have to have it" buys. But I honestly don't regret it. Yet again I kept meaning to pop into The Body Shop and pick up a few bits I've been dying to buy. I ended dup popping into my local the one weekend and picked this up. I love it, it instantly gives me a perfect base, which works well to help out my Chanel Powder. Also I've found a little amount of product can go a long way. 
MEND MY HAIR. HAIR OIL. | I'm a huge fan of hair oil which you'll know about, this one has been my go-to hair oil for quite a while now. I recently updated my blonde a bit as my hair has grown quite a lot. So my hair began to get a little dull and dry again. However this stuff works miracles and can instantly add that boost your hair needs. I try to use the product twice a week or before I straighten or curl my hair. Also can we talk about the super cool packaging?