I think it's safe to say we are well over due a good old catch up. The past few months have been so manic, stressful and different for me. So I thought I'd sit down and get you all caught up with me and what's been happening and what's to come. 
WORK LIFE | work has been the main reason my blog has really taken a hit the past month. However I did try for you guys to get outfits shot by putting my camera in a cup balanced on a ironing board. (didn't turn out well haha)  This week is my last week in Nottingham (yaaaaaaay) I've been here for the past two months, finishing off my training and helping with the refit of the store. The store is looking beautiful already, and I can't wait to come back and shop the Home collection. It's also made me so happy that I'll be going to a store that's already pretty and new. But I'm officially no-longer a trainee Visual Merchandiser but a fully trained on with my own store. It's definitely been a hard journey to get to where I am now.  Sometimes you need to take the negative to produce the positive to prove the rest wrong. Now I've finished my training and experienced the routines of a larger store, compared to Telford I am definitely re-thinking what's next for me. 
HOME LIFE & FRIENDS | Living away from home for the first time, not knowing anyone has been a real struggle for me. But having a supportive family and friends has been so great. I made sure to make good use of my weekends and to spend them with my family as much as possible. But of course a cheeky night out had to happen where I let my hair down a little too much. 
HAIR | not breaking news but I thought I'd pop a mention in as my hair is something I'm considering drastically changing soon. I have to admit going back dark is something I'm itching to do, although I always end up wanting to go blonde. I have completely left my hair alone now for a while but I'm really feeling the Kylie Jenner Blue hair. 
TRAVELING | I've decided I need to go on holiday this year, and definitely start saving to go traveling for in the next few years. I love history and exploring new places. So it's time to start planning. 
TRENDS | I'm really feeling the current hippy/60's trend thats cropping up on the high street. I'll be working on H&M's next ladies rehang tomorrow which is so on point for the trend. However Im not feeling the wide leg trousers just yet.