It's only over the past few years that Prom's in the UK have become more and more popular. Leading to it being a tradition when you hit year 11 in school. I couldn't wait for prom, I'd been obsessed with american lifestyle forever. So to have one of their traditions come to the UK was exciting and a great excuse to get dressed up and celebrate the last 5 years of GCSE's and pulling through with the rest of my year. 
My favourite memory from prom has to be the preparation and planning of my whole look. I decided to go for a very 'Hollywood Glamour' style. After making it my theme in my GCSE Textiles course work I ended up taking the trend into my own prom outfit. I loved going on a hunt for my dress, searching everywhere for that perfect dress, that hopefully no one else would have. It's amazing how many different styles and colours there is available. It's a shock it didn't take me much longer to find my dress. The endless "what you wearing to prom?" every lunch time never got boring when you wanted to be nosey and get ideas from where to hunt down a good dress. In the end I ended picking up my dress in TK MAXX. It was perfect, everything I could of wanted and more. Of course it's not all about the dress. Nails, hair, fake tan it all needed to be done. I got my nails done the day before. back then I use to never wear acrylics to this was an extra treat in my eyes. Then on the day two hours before I made my way to hairdressers to have my hair styled into the perfect wavy hollywood side pin up. 

So despite all the other amazing memories from prom, picking out my outfit and getting to get all dolled up and fancy for one night with all my friends was one of the best memories for me. What was yours from prom?