The past few weeks, fashion has taken a back seat while I've been exploring new beauty products. I don't usually do the whole 'favourites of the month' posts but with my schedule and finding the time to blog I think still will become a great little feature for my blog. Also a great way to blend in a bit more beauty into the mix.
So first up is my current 'nude' I've been going between the nude's and the brown's at the moment. However this lipstick from MAC in shade Jubilee is a classic throw on and go shade. Then mascara, the one product that I cannot go without daily. This mascara from Yves Rocher works perfectly to add natural curls with a strong added length on top. Now foundation! I'm a cheap-skate. I will openly hold my hands up that I'll happily buy a 7.99 foundation over a £29.99 one any day. However on my recently trip to Chester Oaks I discovered the new love of my life. I've heard a lot about the ESTEE Lauder Double Wear Foundation so I had to pick it up! I can honestly say I haven't found a foundation so easy to get on with, and so long lasting. Next up, a favourite of mine for some time now, Body Shop Instablur this is my go to for the perfect base! Now for nails, all i ever have on my nails is a nude now. It's simple and does the trick! I also picked up this Michael Kors Polish from Chester Oaks.  One because the shade is stunning, two because well the packaging is also stunning.