Long time no blog, hey? well here's me with a come back and of course what better way to get my bum back into blogging than to share with you a few bits I'm lusting for, and of course a few trends that I've been loving recently! Of course I've been buying plenty of clothes recently which is why I'm so confused to why i've not been doing many outfit posts. This weekend is going to be a 'Blog Admin'  weekend. I'm going to sort everything out and try to get back into the community. 
Anyway let's talk about how stunning these piece's are. I'm just in love with khaki. I love it when khaki comes into the shops I have to buy everything! I especially love the dungaree's I found on Triologystores.com from Alexa Chung Collection, for a right bargain too! I may have to treat myself on payday. (I'm so desperate for payday) 
Fluffy keyrings! I have so many of these that I don't have enough key's or bags for them to all go on. Ever since seeing the Kardashian's with one I needed one too. Then of course stores all over the high street are now bringing out their own for half the designer price. My favourite one has to be the New Look Version.