It's been so long since I've attended a blogging event, however on Sunday I made my way into Birmingham to meet up with my lovely Paige for a cocktail although we just ended up getting food, and of course it had to be a cheeky wagamama's lunch didn't it.  We then made our way to The Body Shop store in the Bullring. The event was to celebrate the launch of their new collection, which is going to bring the spa to your home! At the event we were split up into a range of teams where we got to have our own treatments to our own needs. We were asked to fill out a form about how we were feeling, how we wanted to feel. This then matched the perfect at home products to really suit us.  Me being me, I ended up trying a bit of everything but I felt so smooth after! It was also nice to be made to feel so relaxed, and at home by the Body Shop staff! Over all the event was so peaceful and it really was about us being made to feel like we were at a spa, despite the fact we wasn't and that we cud take home this relaxation with the products! 

To shop the new collection visit your local Body Shop store or Buy online here.