For the past 6 months I've been commuting to work everyday. Yes getting up at 5am driving 52 miles there and back to Hereford. Ever since I got my driving licence I have loved driving. I love the freedom, the pleasure to go wherever I want. This year I made my first big adult purchase with my car. A beautiful Suski Swift which I literally can't get enough of. It also makes my commute a little bit more bearable. However while constantly being on the road I've managed to pick up a few pet hates on the way. 
People that drive slow. In my opinion if you aren't confident enough to meet the speed limit an have to drive 20mph under it you shouldn't be on the road. I'm forever getting stuck behind slow drivers which don't help when I'm on a time limit to get to work. I didn't realise though driving too slow is actually breaking the law accord to this inforgraphic on One slow driver can cause so much traffic and make a lot of people stressed as more time gets added to everyones journey. Of course driving slow can also cause accidents! I was recently in a accident due to a slow driver and another very impatient  driver. 
While some of the Laws a very important and are there for a reason, there are also some very wacky Laws and who knew we needed. Simpson Millar Solicitors tells us of three of the wackiest Driving Laws. Like did you know that all London Taxi's are legal required to carry with them bale of hay and a sack of oats! anyone else thinking "what the actual hell?" all I know if next time in London I've got a conversation starter with the taxi driver!