There are a few key items every girl needs in her wardrobe, without them no outfit will be complete. One of the most popular staple pieces is of course the little black dress. No matter your style, shape, size or age the little black dress is a must for any occasion. Let's afce it you never know when you could need a simple wack on and go dress. I've recently been looking for a new style. With my style constantly changing I've out grown my old school little black dress and it's time for a fresh new dress to take it's place. 
When browsing I came across this infographic by Coast on HELLO Magazine website, which slides through all the classic little black dresses that have been worn through the years. From the legendary Chanel, right up to Angelina Jolie adding some sass with a cheeky leg exposure black dress. It's great to see the beautiful illustrations as they show how much the styles and of course the impact of a little black dress can have for one outfit. 

When did you last year your little black dress?