After seeing how popular my old "snippets of my bedroom" post went down, I thought it was time to do a more updated one. It's been over a year now since that post, and within that year. I'd gotten a new job and moved out then back home. My interior style has also changed dramatically. 
My room is my own little space where I can let my mind go wild. As you can tell my current theme is white and copper. Who doesn't love copper? I feel over the past year I've also really broken away from my 'teenage' room into my official adult room. While I won't be in this room forever I do hope to move out into my own home in the next two years. It's nice to create a space that is yours. 
When I was moving out I had a big sort out of clothes, and all my other bits and bobs. This allowed me to decide which processions were needed and some which were just for show. So what it all comes down to is how much do we value each procession really?
Some of my most prized processions are of course my more luxury items; such as my camera, my macbook and no shame here but my clothes. I'd be lost if I was stuck in one outfit all week! So why do I value these processions so much? each of these processions present me. 
I'd be lost if I didn't have a camera on my phone or there to grab on my shelve. I photograph everything. I remember when I broke my DSLR and it took a month for it to be fixed. I was lost, I couldn't blog I felt lost. My Macbook, Now I have to admit I'm not constantly on my Macbook, I do use my iPhone 6 for the majority of my emailing, and other social media platforms. However you can't edit your pretty pictures without your favourite photo editing software? I've also always dreamed of owning a Macbook. So it's always one of my most favourite christmas presents. I even took a selfie with it on christmas day I was so happy! 

While these items are all very luxurious and not the cheapest. These are the items that make me, me and are in my daily life.