On Thursday night myself and new blogger (also my best friend) Brit, made our way to Solihull for the Lush Solihull event. I'm constantly sharing with Brit about the events I go to, and what happens so it was nice to take her along to show her what some of the perks of blogging can be. 
Now I'm admittedly not a all around year fan of lush. However at christmas Lush is my favourite place to be. Maybe because I want everything in the 'Snow Fairy' scent. I'd lucky just ran out of my bottle which I picked up last year. So the event was perfect timing. To finally get myself stocked up on all my christmas favourites. I also picked up a few new products which I can't wait to explore. I had a go at Yog Nog bath bomb the other night and it was amazing! It left my skin so smooth and which a hint of sparkle. Who doesn't love sparkle around christmas? 

You can shop the christmas collection in your local Lush now, or online!