Yes I've been shoe shopping. It's only really in the Autumn that I'll go a little shoe crazy and end up buying so many pairs of shoes because I feel like I need them. Well while enjoying my last few days off before going back to work (booooooooo) I had a little 'treat yo self girl' moment. Who can blame me? 
I ended up picking up this pair of pointed loafers from Next, I actually spotted these on insatgram and I just couldn't stop thinking about them. I'm not one to spend a large amount on flats. Usually £20 is my budget. However at £32 I just couldn't refuse. I ended up trying them on in store and that was it. It's very rare I wear flats, after years of refusing to wear heels due to my height I have been pretty stubborn and worn heels almost everyday the past year. (not massive heels don't worry) But with the huge point on these flats the shoe appears more flattering. 
Little Black Ankle Boot season! woohoo! I'm a huge fan of the little black ankle boots. I just love them. So much I must have over 15 pairs. Every year I convince myself I need yet another pair. This year I actually did. A lot of my previous boots have become very tatty from wear at work and the weather. So I decided to search for a new pair. I'd had my eye on a few pairs from TOPSHOP, and ASOS. However when browsing my local Primark I spotted these. Their black, with a matte effect followed by the chelsea boot style. The soles are then very chunky and great for the winter and the horrible weather that's to come! The heel also isn't too high! which is perfect for everyday wear. The boots come in at only £15. I've also always been a fan of Primark boots, I find them extremely comfortable!