Last Saturday I was lucky enough to of been invited to meet up with 10 other bloggers from Birmingham for a nights stay, then go for a night of food and cocktails. The meet up and whole event was all organised by the lovely Louise and Lauren! and with a help of Meg from Wonderful You, and her blog post on how to spend 24 hours in Birmingham! The over all event was so lovely and I think all of us bloggers were extremely grateful. For most of us we all work full time and we have to fit our blog in and around a full time job. So little treats like this really meant a lot to us bloggers. 
The whole point of the event was to allow the guys at Propellernet to get to know us bloggers, and get a insiders opinion on what we really think of all things blogging. Swell as really experience the whole opportunity of having good nights sleep then being wined and dined before hitting the shops. For me Birmingham is my number one place to shop when it comes to going on a shopping day. While I go to Birmingham all the time, it’s rare I actually stay over and really fully experience the full ‘shopping weekend’ 

Once I arrived after the stressful journey of driving from Hereford, to Birmingham City Centre and trying to find parking! (major stress as it was my first time driving into the centre by myself) I then made my way to the Premier Inn on Waterloo Street. I have stayed in the New Street Hotel. However I have to admit the Waterloo hotel was in such a better location I literally felt like I was actually getting away for the night instead of sleeping right by the train station. (you can view all the locations the Premier Inn has available in Birmingham here) I walked into the reception where I was greeted by Louise and Lauren, I checked in then it was time to head up to my room. Once I had sorted out finding my room it was then time to sort myself out for the night ahead. I was super excited to let my hair down, especially after my first week back at work after a fortnight off. I definitely was in need of a few cocktails! Once I was finally ready, I then made my way down to the hotel bar where I met up with the rest of the bloggers. After a cheeky glass of wine we then made our way over to Lost And Found. I’d heard so much about Lost And Found from previous bloggers. It seems like the ‘IT’ place to be when it comes to going for a few cocktails with friends. I ended up trying the “Midlands Princess” Which well tasted exactly what you’d label a midlands girl, let’s just say that haha. And hopefully you can see from the pictures above the food was literally amazing. For my starter I had the Halloumi Salad, I then for a classic Chicken and Chips for my main, and then for my dessert I ended up going wild and trying out some 'fried ice cream' YES FRIED. (and oh it was good.) You can view the amazing menu here from the Lost And Found, but I know I will be returning very soon! 
 After a few cocktails and AMAZING food, we all decided we were far too tired for a night on the town and we headed back to our super comfy beds back at the Hotel. If you've never stayed at a Premier Inn before, you will know once you sleep in one of their beds, bliss. Once I got back, I made myself a cup of tea and popped on the TV to unwind, before my head hit the pillow and I was out for the count. 
 The next morning I woke up and made my face look pretty before heading down for a yummy breakfast. It's been forever since I've had a cooked breakfast so it really was a treat. After topping up our fuel we were then kindly gifted with a map and a gift card to take with us as we were free to hit the shops! I ended up putting my bag in my car and then meeting up with my friend and hitting up the shops before we headed back home for some food! 

I had the best time at the event, meeting new bloggers and networking. Oh and of course the cocktails!