If you've been a reader of mine for some time you'll know I wear hair extensions. For around four years now everyday I take the time to fit in my clip in's. I love wearing extensions, don't get me wrong I have day's where I just cannot be bothered to clip them all in and I just go for the quick and easy messy top knot. Whenever I'm contacted by a hair extension brand I'm always excited to try them out. 
When I was contacted by Hot Hair, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a hair piece. I've always gone for clip in hair extensions or micro rings. I've never actually explored hair pieces, for me they just didn't fit my style. I like messy and I've always seen them as more dressy hair do's for nights out. 
I had a browse and ended up settling on the Brianna 3/4 Hair Piece - "Brianna is a 3/4 wig with long gentle yet glamorous waves through the ends. This ultra-long style is perfect for a glamour-puss look that will ensure you turn heads." When the hair arrived I was so impressed with he packing of the product. Usually hair company just put hair in a plastic bag. However the hair from Hot Hair was beautifully wrapped within a box supported by cardboard to hold it's shape while on it's way to me. 
Now I have to admit the fitting of the hair piece was a real struggle for me. I just couldn't understand it. In the end I ended up browsing youtube. Here I found a range of tutorials in which allowed me to understand how to fit the piece more natural. On they also offer personal tutorials for each hair product on their youtube channel. In the end I managed to work the piece into my ombre hair, and create a more natural look that you can barely see that it's a hair piece! 
Over all I'm really impressed with the hair piece, however I found the thickness not just right for me. I usually wear two set of hair extensions because of the thickness of my hair. So this is a personal preference. However the quality of the hair is amazing along with the clips within the piece. While I probably wouldn't wear the hair piece on a daily routine. I will be leaning for the hair piece on nights out and for when I need that more hot glam look.  

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