These days fashion is very unisex. Boys are wearing top's that look like dresses, and girls are rocking the oversized tee's meaning fashion really doesn't have any limits. I now find myself while shopping browsing the men’s sections and I'll always lie and say I'm shopping for my imaginary boyfriend or family, but secretly I'm just after a bargain. You can go into a highstreet ladies store and find a bomber jacket for £90 then go into a men’s store and find a similar one for half the price. I'm forever looking for the perfect bargain but recently the bargains have just been in the other sections of the shop all along. 

I have absolutely fallen in love with this Bomber from Scotch & Soda which I found in the sale section of Reem Clothing.  I mean just look at the colour and the gold detailing. I actually can't believe this jacket is for men because it really is an easily wearable jacket for both females and males. This is definitely something I may have to treat myself to next payday! 

Roll necks are literally my favourite thing in the A/W period. I can't get enough of a roll neck whether it be in a dress form or a top. Also there's nothing wrong with keeping your neck warm. I've then paired the overall look of the dress and jacket with a classic statement watch from Olivia Burton and a classic pair of little black ankle boots. A simple on trend outfit has now been created making this perfect for the current A/W weather.