Birmingham is a city only 30 minutes away from me, in which I always end up wondering into whether it's for a blogging event, a day of shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.  Birmingham is a city that is easy to access, whether it's on the train, or taking your tyres for a spin on the city routes. I recently got my new tyres from Halfords. Halford Tyres are amazing quality and have made my journey's so much smoother, especially when I commute to work. Birmingham has such beautiful architecture, no matter what part of the city your in you'll spot a building that will catch your eye. My favourite has to be Music & Art Museum, the whole building is just utterly stunning. I'd much rather look at a older building than a modern building that sticks out like a sore thumb. So for me I'm drawn to the older buildings within the city.  
However it wasn't until I came across this interactive map created by The Travel Lodge,  which shows the evolution of Birmingham! I didn't realise just how much the city has really changed. With the recent opening of the brand new New Street Train Station, it's amazing to see exactly how it use to look at the beginning and exactly how much it has evolved to what it is now. I have to admit I'm a huge fan of the new station, it's so open and reminds me a lot of a airport. So the evolution of the train station was defiantly for the better in my opinion! Although the rest of the city you can see from the map, some parts are completely different, and then some have barely changed apart from a few new shops opening up along the high streets. It's nice to see the mixture of the old and new within the city that all seem to balance out together. If you've never visited Birmingham, I'd highly recommend it for a good day out, of shopping, food or even history!