Recently I'm leaning more towards the accessories, bags, shoes, jewellery it's like I've fallen in love again with how much detail a add on can really add to any outfit. Sometimes you can literally wear a all black outfit, add a teal bag and the look is complete. I'm now after the piece's that really complete the looks, but may be worth the investment. 
Can we start off with the shoes? Okay these have been in my basket for some time now but I'm so on edge to if I'll actually wear them! but their just so pretty! I could happily justify having them just sit on my shelfs as a decoration. But let's face it, that's not right on the poor things. These shoes were defiantly made to be worn! Payday may be the time to make them mine. Then a bit of jewellery! recently I've been seeing a lot of girls with septum piercings, and I want one too! I use to have my nose pieced and I loved it! I'm really considering getting it re-pierced. But I love the effect of the septum piercing. I also love the cute bars you can get for it like this one from FRESHTRENDS.COM & of course, I couldn't do a wishlist without a piece with fringing could I? grey is really my colour at the minute. I just love how fresh grey pieces work into my wardrobe. This bag is also a total bargaining at £12!!!