There's a few things that really know how to sort me out and put me in a good mood. One of them of course is food, and what of course than the best course ever - dessert. Living in the West Midlands and being local to the Wolverhampton area I've heard a lot about the Little Dessert Shop, and literally, I mean LITERALLY been drooling to go. So the other week after a standard Weatherspoons meal we decided to try somewhere else for dessert, 'treat yo self' and all that. So we ended up going to a local cupcake shop. However that ends dup being shut before it's closing times. Although I'm not complaining as I finally got to go to the Little Dessert Shop. Despite being in bit of a swirl over what to order. With the seriously amazing huge menu I ended up opting for a Crepe. I absolutely loved it. I loved the standard of the customer service, and the food. It's safe to say I'll be back very soon.