I'm officially off for a week to celebrate my 21st birthday and of course for my little weekend away in Amsterdam! It's also so nice to have a week off after christmas. Especially when you work in retail to really recharge your batteries for the new start of the year. I still can't really get over that I'm going to be 21 in a matter of days. I'll be an actual adult. To celebrate me and my friend whose birthday is the day before mine decided what better way to celebrate such an important birthday than a few days away! Amsterdam is a city I've been dying to visit, the architecture, the history, everything about the city just draws me in. I already know that I'll be snapping away while I'm there however I may also make a mini vlog of my birthday celebrations! 
The past few times I've been away it's been to much hotter climates, however Amsterdam isn't as warm this time of year. So I'm trying to remember I'm really not going on a typical sun holiday. This has meant all the knitwear, and scarfs have been coming home with momma! I picked up this massive  oversized grey scarf from work today; I've had my eye on it for some time now. It's going to be perfect for digging my head into while I roam the streets and get my head into some history. 
My camera. I've really had to think about which camera I wanted to take along with me. I'm in love with both of my cameras just as much at the moment. But I've decided to take along my Canon EOS M. (I review the camera in this post) it's small but allows me to capture everything from food, to building beautifully. Exactly what I need for a city trip. 
Sunglasses? Now these are more of a fashion essential than a actual essential for traveling. I've actually been pinterest-ing ideas for the sort of looks I'm after while away. You can have a nose at my style board. 
Passport and Purse. You all know why I need my passport, but the purse of course is an essential. I'm actually being pretty bad and planning on getting my euros the day before I go! Then again when i went to paris I only got my money on the day, so it's gonna be fine. But I also wanted to share my beautiful new purse I got for christmas. I've never really been one for everything to be designer. But this simple black purse is just spot on for a luxury piece. 
And then for a scent. You can't beat taking a perfume, or buying a new perfume for a trip which then reminds you of the memories from the trip. For Amsterdam unless I get pulled in by duty free I'll be taking along this body spray from French Connection. Another christmas present, but the scent is actually beautiful. It's also a great product to throw in your bag for on the go.