A week ago on Instagram (you can follow me if you fancy a cheeky nose) I posted a selfie of my hair with it tucked into my roll neck. This made my hair look like it was a Long Bob, or a LOB as some people call it. When I first saw this I was instantly in love. For some time now I've been so eager to ditch my extensions and just enjoy that extra 15 minutes in bed by only having my own hair. 
Over the past six years there's probably only been about 4 days in which I went out in public without hair extensions. Now don't get me wrong I love hair extensions, they have given me so much confidence over the years while I felt like my natural hair just wasn't good enough. But last year I decided it was enough of hiding behind fake hair and allowing my own hair to finally be healthy again. While also being very happy to wear hair extensions, I was also way to happy to kill off my hair with constant dying and bleaching. A lot of you may not know but I've also been doing my own hair over the past 5 years. This has come down to the anxiety of the hair dressers and knowing they will never do it the way I want! 

So last year I stuck to a colour (my blonde/ombre) and I cut down dying and of course using some products to build back the strength. In the end I resulted to not dying my roots and allowing my natural shade shine through. However for my blonde it was always going to be damaging my hair. I got regular cuts, and I only re-dyed the blonde once last year. Doing these small steps of cutting down the damage have massively helped my hair to the point that I felt like I could finally ditch the extensions for good. 
It's been a week so far and I can honestly say I'm loving my hair again. The length is my natural length with a little trim and a few added extensions just for thickness when I have my hair curly. I'm really happy with the process I made towards getting my hair into a better state. I'm also considering going shorter. Now i've tried the short hair long before and I know a lot of friends have said "you'll soon have them back in" but this time I'm determined to only keep extensions for nights out and to have long hair with my own hair!