Oh I can feel it now, the warm sun brushing on my skin with a gentle British breeze. Now that is something I'm keen for! Literally everyone must be bored of me moaning about how much I hate winter now, but all this snow and frost is just putting me in such a negative mind set. It doesn't help that I just can't seem to get warm when I get inside. However the chilly vibes aside, let's start chatting spring!
My favourite time of year for fashion, trends and general life will always be spring. When it comes to spring it's starting to get warmer, the trends move to more relaxed romantic styles with vibrant twists and make up looks..sorry did someone say orange lippy? While at the start of the year it's great to say your going to try out new styles etc. But within winter it's best to not try too much because let's face it, it's all scarfs, layers, gloves and more layers! Some days I dress proper on point, then I realise it's going to be too cold to take my coat off. Once spring arrives though, damn it's time to whack out the prints, I love this top I got from work, H&M £12.99 its definitely a statement top. I can't wait to style this top into spring, I've worn it a few times already, however the print will slide into spring much better. While it's never stopped me before but I can't wait to pull out my "george michael" ankle boots. (also from H&M however sold out) these bad boys instantly add so much to just a basic outfit, which is what I love about them. Then make up, I pretty much only wear nude lipsticks apart from nights out, so there won't be much of a change there, But I can't wait to wear more of my first Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick! I've been lusting of one of these for a while now. So for my birthday my dad treated me to this little beauty in shade Hepburn Honey.  And I have to say for my first CT lipstick i was so impressed! I just need to get my hands on a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. Then a year around item for me, but a new addition is my Michael Kors MK6206 my last watch got completely destroyed at work. (visual merchandisers will know) So I was over due a new one. I'm trying to be stubborn though and not wear it to work,, but it's a little hard when it's just so pretty! 
I think overall I'm just looking forward to trial and error with my style, and making that extra touch that I stop doing in winter due to the weather. I can't wait for spring.