ALL DAY LIQUID FOUNDATION shade Alabaster - H&M £7.99 

When it comes to make up theres always that one step that you enjoy applying the most. 

For me it has to be my base. By creating the perfect base your instantly set for an over-all good face day. Over the years I've had a lot of trial and error when it comes to my foundation, from wearing the standard orange at the age of 14 and thinking I was well fit with my tangoed face. To not even bothering to blend that shit in. I think the hardest part about picking your perfect foundation will always be getting the shade just right! being pale I've learnt that I'll never find that spot on shade. 
 Having worked for H&M the past three years when they re-launched their beauty collection I was so excited. The packaging is effortless yet so pretty. However because I only work within a smaller store, my store doesn't stock the collection, so I was yet to try any of it! I'd been meaning to visit a store for a while now as I'm dying to merchandise the cosmetic department! While in Amsterdam I spotted that the flagship store had the cosmetic range in. I ended up buying a few bits despite wanting to buy it all, I came away with a few of the products I'd been eyeing up from other blogs. I've been hearing a lot about the foundation so it was at the top of my list! at £7.99 it's worth a try! If your looking for a very thick and high coverage foundation, and of course after a bargain. This is the foundation for you! 
Rimmel London is a cosmetic brand every girl has in her make up collection. For me I think Rimmel is pretty bang on for foundation, I've tried a range of them that they've launched and I can't really fault them! However what makes the Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation stand out for me, is the long lasting wear! I'm up daily from 5:30am and I usually won't be home until 5;30pm! While I take make up in my handbag it's very rare I can actually be bothered to re-apply through-out the day! So for me the foundation that can stand the heat of my working day is a winner. This foundation does exactly that! I would say that the coverage is medium, it's very your skin but photoshopped. So yeah make your skin look prettier. I have shade Ivory, this is slightly too dark for me, but hey it's the lightest shade! So I make sure to blend, blend, BLEND! 
Now the other two foundations were affordable, inexpensive. Now for the money grabber - Double Wear. This foundation is very popular and I know why! I cannot fault this foundation, apart from the price, oh an edit doesn't have a bloody pump! I have probably wasted or wore far too much in my time, which pains me. But the coverage, the application and the over all finish is spot on. It lasts all day and leaves the perfect healthy glow to my skin. 

what are your favourite foundations?