I can't really get over the fact that January is now done and finished with. For me January is my busiest and favourite month of the year. For me January is full of celebrations and really sorting my shit out ready for the year ahead. 
Last year I brought in the new year in Birmingham a great night and the best way to start January off with a bang! Then a few days later it was MY BIRTHDAY! I was Twenty One this year and I was officially starting to feel old. Birthdays really aren't the same when you get older, however this year it was amazing. On the day of my birthday I spent it with family, cocktails and shopping. Because the next day I made my way to the airport as I WAS OFF TO AMSTERDAM for a four day trip! For me Amsterdam was the most amazing trip and it really lived up to my expectations and of course opened up my eyes. (if you've ever been you'll know what I mean) For me this trip was a great break and the best way to celebrate my 21st.
With Amsterdam done, already plans for more holidays have started with my friend! I've always said 2016 WILL BE THE YEAR I GO TRAVELING! So far we have Paris and a trip to Disney Land planned! I'm so excited to go back to Disney land as it's literally one of the best days ever, because who doesn't love Disney? I'm hoping to meet some characters this time around though! 
While I've been planning new places to visit. I've also really been on my BLOGGING GAME again! The past year I've really struggled to keep a balance of my blog, work and my social life. When you work full time it's not so easy to be consistent with your blog content. For me I've realised how much I enjoy and love blogging it's my little happy place I can be creative and express my love for fashion, beauty and my daily life. 
And of course if you've read/seen my latest post you'll see I've finally DITCHED THE HAIR EXTENSIONS! (well almost) It's been two weeks without the long locks and I've literally been loving my shorter natural hair! It's so nice to have more time in the morning and have a more blunt fresh do for the new year ahead! 

What have made January for you?