I always get asked where I get my extensions from especially after the utter shock from some people that it's not my actual hair. For the past two years I've been buying my locks from DIRTY LOOKS, now re branded to "Milk & Blush" 
Over all I cannot fault Milk & Blush, their customer service, communication and love for their customers is everything you could want from a brand. Oh and can I just mention how beautiful their website is? it's also so easy to shop with a great range of images for the selection of shades, so you don't need to worry when it comes to matching up. I use to wear the "classic set" However with the thickness of my hair I found  myself mixing in old west to thicken my hair. So this time I decided to purchase the "Triple Weft" set. However Milk and Blush have now added more natural ombre options to the shades. I usually purchase standard blonde sets and dye the roots darker to match my ombre-d hair. My sets usually last around 4-5 months, I wear my hair extensions daily and style them so this is amazing for a pair of extensions. So if your looking for some new extensions or looking to buy your first set I'd highly recommend Milk and Blush.