So I've officially got the travel bug! For me I've reached that point in my life where, work is boring me, I'm getting frustrated with the same routine and it's time to make plans to get excited about! For years I've been saying I want to go traveling, but it's always been a say it but never do it kinda thing. However I think you really need to look at your life and figure out what you want and when you want it. Majority of my friends and people I know are settled down, married or having babies! For me that's not something I'm after right now. & girl I aint having any luck on Tinder, like serious when will lads grow up? With this in mind why am I not exploring the world before I have to take on the responsibilities of a family and commitments. So next year I've decided to finally go traveling! 

1. N E W  Y O R K | oh yes I'm going to the big apple. Initially I had planned NY before the big traveling so this is just a holiday for me, not as much travel. America has always had a soft spot in my heart, mainly LA of course but I'm finally going to take the opportunity to get my feet into the USA and finally explore the country I've been so obsessed with the past few years. I'm planning to go to NYC around New Years and my 22nd birthday, because what better way to celebrate the new year and my birthday than in NY. 
2. T H A I L A N D | yes chloe is preparing herself to ditch her hair straighteners and daily make up applications to get down in Thailand. When it comes to traveling I think Thailand is the top place you need to go to. For me what interested me about Thailand is the culture, and the amazing scenery you can see while traveling down the country. And of course a little bit of history. I can't wait to explore the temples, the markets, the animals, and of course them beautiful beaches! oh baby my instagram is gonna look amazing with them bad boys on. Of course I'm still eagerly researching the whole travel process of Thailand at the moment so if you have any tips or have written a blog posts on your travels I'd love to know more! 
3. A U S T R A L I A | good day, after Thailand what better excuse than to pop on a plane and get over to Australia! I don't think I've met one person that wouldn't want to visit Australia. For me I don't just want Australia to be an experience and  a few months when I travel Australia I'm going to look into living over there. So many people do it and I can honestly see why. However AUS is meant to be pretty expensive when it comes to traveling so I think a lot of my saving will be going towards the kangaroos. 

Do you have any travel plans?