Some of the perks of working for H&M is getting discount. Despite the prices already being so low the discount on top means bargains. H&M also has a department called "trend" some of the pieces have a higher price range and are little more jazzy shall we say? I'd had my eye on this jacket Online and In store. But I was clearly having one of them shopping trips where it just had to be purchased! I think If I won the lottery I'd be terrible when it comes to going shopping I'd end up broke after a trip to Selfridges! I recently came across Multilotto where you can play a range of lottery's all over the world! I've worn this jacket with a range of different outfits. I wasn't too sure if the piece would be very wearable but the print is very subtle and relaxed. The bomber style is very popular at the minute but this is a really nice unique twist from your typical khaki bomber.