Opps another awkward H&M outfit, I swear I don't just wear H&M. I ordered this little beauty online after seeing it for the next trend. If you know me I'm obsessed with Khaki and currently loving off the shoulder dresses/tops/anything. Because it's went a bit dull for two days I walked on a jacket, I think my jacket kept the look casual but gave it that edge. The fit of the dress is a little funny on me as my body shape really vary's, especially when it comes to the ratio of my waist then my mothering hips. However i like the worn details of it hanging and being ruffled. 

I finished off the look with my new Topshop peep toe shoes. I brought the sued fringe ones last year and havent stopped wearing them recently. So they were starting to show their wear. I decided to get these which were a bit more pain and simple. I also kept it clean with just my watch. I love my watch I got for my 21st. I usually go for rose gold, however I decided to go for a classic gold which really adds to the clean simple look. However that doesn't stop me from browsing more watches. I'm currently obsessed with a number of DKNY watches on Babla.co.uk I really need a separate watch just for work, moving equipment and building window schemes means catching myself a lot. my last watch was scratched all over. I think it's time to get a work watch now.