OH LOOK AT ME, giving the old culottes trend a whirl. I have to admit I'm secretly in love with the trend. New Look asked me to choose a outfit from their Occassion Hub and style it from Summer Days to Summer Nights. At the minute Co-cords are a big trend every wear. You can pretty much walk into any high street store and pick one up. I've always been a huge fan of New Look's co-cords, as they are always so well priced. I decided to be a bit different and go for a culotte co-cord. This is a very different look for me as I wasn't too sure how the style would fit in my wardrobe. 
I love how I can take the top or the culottes, wear them together or separately. Also grey is my favourite colour at the moment. I paired the look with these stunning mules with a gold shiny heels. Literally I'm obsessed with these shoes I'm dying for a night out to get them out on the dance floor. 
In order for me to make the outfit more casual, it was a quick turn over by just adding a jacket. By adding a casual bomber to the outfit it quickly turned the outfit from a night on the town with the girls to a girls day shopping. The blush of pink is also a quick way to 'cool' down the outfit with a different block colour to break down the co-ord. I also played about with the placement of my bag. I wrapped it over my body for the day time look as it tied the look together giving it a "on a mission" look. 
And then the switch to night time was very simple. I took off the jacket, put my bag to my hip and I was ready to go. It's amazing how easy it is to make a outfit work for two occasions. If you want to pick up a new outfit to transform from day to night this summer check out New Look's Occassion section online.