Now I'm not one for watching award shows, or taking much notice of who wins what. For me it's all about the fashion, the crazy outfits and the on point looks! Every year the MET Gala comes along and we all cling to the internet as the pictures come streaming on to our screens. This year I spent majority of my lunch break sat on Cosmo just looking through all the looks. Of course picking out my favourite and my most hated. 
While hunting down all the looks from the event I stumbled across a infographic on Instead of your typical picture of the person they've chosen to use some beautiful illustrations of the celebrities in a really unique way to show off some of the worst outfits, but possibly make them look a little nicer in illustration? Seeing this has really made me flash back to some of the looks over the years which are still being talked about today! Let's face it, after Robin Williams banter about Kim Kardashian how will that not be forgotten? If you want to see all the outfits from over the years click here to see the full infographic. 

What was your favourite but worst outfit from the past MET's?