As you know I am a bit of a water babe - I love swimming. Recently, I have been taking a look at swimsuits, and am pleased to report there are some great ones available, this year. Many of them are flattering for the fuller figure. 
 If you like swimming, but rarely go because of a lack of confidence I strongly urge you to go out and try on some of the modern costumes that are now available. Here is my overview of the types of swimming costumes you can expect to find. 
Curve enhancers 
There are now several types of swimming costume available that are designed specifically to enhance your curves, and they do it really well. The emergence of new flexible materials, coupled with clever design and tailoring means the material pulls you in a bit across certain areas of your body. 
I am tempted to describe these bathing costumes as a type of corset, but that would not be quite right. That word suggests something tight, restrictive and uncomfortable. In reality, most curve enhancing swimming costumes do not feel at all like that.  
Wearing one is nothing like wearing a corset. The materials used are a lot softer, and they allow for full freedom of movement yet still hold you in a bit. These new style bathing costumes really are great 
However, I warn you that these swimsuits are a bit tricky to get on, and even harder to get off, but that is a small price to pay for being able to enjoy a swim. There is a knack to getting them on and off fast, and you soon learn it, so this is not actually a big issue.  
Flattering cuts 
Another thing designers seem to have got right is the styling. It is refreshing to see costumes, which allow you to cover your bust properly if you want to. Many of this year’s costumes feature foam cups, which also help to lift, and give you a flattering silhouette. 
If you are particularly self-conscious about your hips or bottom, there are some very good solutions out there. For example, a costume with a panel that hangs loosely from the body is great for changing the look of these areas. They look very much like you are wearing a loose fitting top with your swimming costume. The top part is designed to hang slightly away from the body, which helps to smooth out the bumpsNow, I know that sounds a bit strange, but honestly they are some of the prettiest swimming costumes out there. 
For those who are worried about their thighs, long line swimsuits that cover the first few inches of the leg are great. They look like a traditional costume, but the bottom part is styled more like a pair of tight fitting shorts. A surprisingly nice look, which also flatters. 
A few buying tips 
If you were planning to buy one of these new style costumes, I would take the time to read this more detailed guide. It covers important considerations like buying the right cut for your body shape. 
Also, because of the way some of these costumes are made not all of them are machine washable. Therefore, you always need to check the care instructions before buying.