The other week I made my way over to Solihull. I usually only really end up going to Solihull for blog events, but I actually really like the city centre and all the stores available. However my reason for traveling to Solihull was to go and visit the team at O Bag Touchwood Solihull. When I was invited down I was really intrigued by the brand. I'd actually seen a few people with these bags but never really looked into them. 
 The O bag (Fullspot) brand was established in Italy in 2009 by a vibrant and experienced group of extraordinarily innovative individuals who sought to create colourful and quirky objects of desireThere are O bag brand stores in over 55 countries and hundreds in Italy where O bag/Fullspot started out. Our first product launch was the O clock watch; characterised by clean minimalist design with mix and match dials and straps in a wide range of designs and colours. In 2010 we launched an ever-growing collection of O bag handbags and shoulder bags.
Once I arrived I was greeted by the team who instantly made me feel really welcome. I was told about the brand and how the bags actually work. All of the bags are really quirky and all unique in their own special way. Mainly because you get to build the bag! You get to pick your base, then your hands and of course you need to add some add ons to complete the bag! I loved the basket shape. Kindly O Bag offered for me to create my own bag! I decided to keep it very basic as I am! and I went for a classic tote shape, in black (duh.) then to make the bag more unique and stylish I then added a silver handle to make it more than just a black tote bag. I then added this chain to the bag to give it my style influence of being edgy and chic. 
I loved my visit to the O Bag store at Solihull the team were super friendly and helpful when I needed help and asked about the brand. I'm really happy with my design and I've already been using my bag so much already. If your looking for a new handbag that's super duper practical but still stylish. You can shop all the styles available online.