Okay guys, don't panic. I have actually been wearing something other than this dress. But i do love showing you how I make a piece work in my wardrobe for a range of outfits. I actually had another post planned but I couldn't wait to share this combo. I shared a little pic on my instagram yesterday of the look. 
The funny thing is when this blouse came into work, I hated it. Thought it was bloody minging. However two weeks have passed since the trend was in the main A Area and this price item blouse which is only £9.99. Has been making it's rounds on the internet and I've fell in love with it. I think sometimes i'm not brave enough to wear such snazzy shapes but I honestly never felt so feminine and confident as I did when I wore this outfit. It also helped that I got loads of compliments to even having a girl at work buy the blouse after seeing me in it. It really got me to realise it's not how a trend is shown in a shop window to how you wear it, it's how you style it to your own body and style.