I thought it would be best to do a catch up style post. I'm planning on full on re-booting my blog as of tomorrow, as I have a week off work and I'll also be leaving my job at H&M (more about that later). Which I'm hoping will help me to gain the balance of work / blogging / and my social life again.
   So let's get into it. I haven't completely gone under a rock, I think for me recently as much as I love blogging and being able to do the things I love such as photography and photo editing. It's just not been something I could fit into my life. Me and Jonny have been together a while now and while it is long distance we actually probably see each other more than most couples who only live around the corner from one another. So my relationship has been a big priority for me. Before Jonny I was single for three years so it's taken me a long time to finally open up to another lad and gain the trust in the male population. This is also something I want to touch on in a future post. I've had my fair share of shit relationships and I think it's just great to share your experiences. Also I use to get a lot of people ask for my advice back when I was on good old tinder. So while my relationship is a priority I want to share everything me and Jonny on my blog, day trips to lazy weekends. 
2nd my style. As I've been going through my blog to look for inspiration to kick start myself over again. It's appeared to me that I don't actually share that many outfits. I definitely want to share more of my lazy outfits, the date night outfits, the off to Tesco outfits. Because let's face it, not all us fashion bloggers can do a full blown photoshoot for a blog post so why not show every side of my look? 
Okay and finally I have a new job! If your a long time reader of my blog you will know I work for H&M as a Visual Merchandiser. And a lot of you probably follow my blog because I always put up all the key items from H&M. However sadly on the 9th November that will come to a end. For some time I've been wanting to leave the company, don't get me wrong H&M can be an amazing company to progress with and work for. Sadly for me I had one too many bad times with the company and their "routines" I don't want to go too into it as I don't want to bash the company that did train me and help me because a Visual Merchandiser which I have loved doing for the past 2 years. 
But I am very excited to announce I will be going to Riverisland as  Ladies Product Manager! I have wanted to move to Riverisland for some time now. (if you've been to the Bullring RI you will see why) I am a little sad that I won't be doing any windows at RI but I'm so excited for a change and the next step in my career. I see so many opportunities with them and I can't wait to start and actually be excited to go to work again. 

So with a new job I'm hoping to balance everything out and hopefully get my pride and joy back on the road again. Thank you to everyone who still reads my blog and has put up with the inconsistency.