Just a quick post from me guys, I shot this look a few weeks back and well here it is. I want to start shooting again but I'm in bit of a rut when it comes to my looks at the moment. let's face khaki and black are a go to. But today officially felt like Autumn was here and I'm so happy to see it! October is also my 2nd favourite month as I have a little obsession with skulls and it's my prime time for collecting them. Also I do actually enjoy halloween I think it's on elf them holidays that you either celebrate or just ignore it, like you ignore your door with the trick or treaters. This year I'm off down to London to go to the "DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL" When I first found this event on Facebook I knew I had to go. Now the hotel and tickets are booked and I'm so excited, first I need to practise my skull make up.