Oh New York, a place that I will never forget and it was sure a dream to finally visit the city that really never does sleep. (trust me I got woken up at 3am from the sounds of the city) But I'm back and I had the most amazing time! I'm not going to babble on too much as I'm sure the pictures will do the most of the talking. I may do a few posts on a few of the places I visited as some were little gems everyone needs to visit. 
We were in New York for 5 days, which was plenty to get all the big attractions and main bits done within. For me New York wasn't what I expected. I expected the rush and crowds of London, but nothing like that was what we arrived to. The city was busy but you could easily walk along the buildings freely. We may of been bothered by waaaaaaay too many tourist bus sellers (they were so annoying) but you could walk the streets even times square admiring the views. I could not recommend NYC anymore if your after a city break with history and a good old American rush. But if you go you have to go to good old maccies and have a milkshake. 

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