2016 was the year so much happened and the year I learned so much about life and what I want. We're 24 days into 2017 and I already have so many plans for this year. Last year I was very much known for being single and being quite happy and content about not really needing a partner to define or make me happy. It had been 3 years since my previous relationship, but the break was needed. Don't get me wrong I'd still been seeing lads, going on dates, and of course tinder shopping but no one really seemed to tick the boxes, until Jonny. I was fully at the stage of "ah it's just another date probably won't go anywhere" But the day arrived we were both suddenly so nervous for the date. We met up in Birmingham for cocktails and the night turned into the start of something amazing (starts playing HSM the start of something new). 
Getting into a relationship with someone who allows you to feel so comfortable and free around them is one of the best things in the world. However being so comfortable then lead me to gain weight. While I've learned to love my body and through the years I've never let it take over my outlook. However I started to hate my body. I think it was when my normal size 16 jeans no longer fit. So 09/11/2016 I began slimming world. This has been something I needed to do for some time, I'm currently 2 stone down and feeling so much more comfortable with my body again. In New York I'd usually never ask for a full body picture as I knew they'd come out looking awful however I had them taken of me and I didn't hate what I saw. I've been so bad at looking after my body but now I am I feel so much more confident within myself. (feel free to follow my slimming world instagram)  
 Quitting my job was another big curve for me. Working for H&M gave me so much but also destroyed me at the same time. So I finally took the bull by the horns with the first opportunity I got. I'm now working for a new company and trying to find my feet. But it's definitely made me learn that I need to try new roles new jobs I'm still young and I shouldn't let anything stop me. So this year I'm defiantly going to explore different job roles. I've also toyed with going to university finally, but that's defiantly a big thinker for me. 
So what does 2017 hold for me? I want to travel, I want to learn and not be afraid of new beginning and just say HELL YEAH more often.