you really can't beat edging up a simple dress by styling it with some jeans or snazzy tights. For me recently it's become all about the dress top's. A dress like this which of course is very jazzy and  the ultimate dress for a cocktail night with the girls I took it into my day time look by styling it along with my ripped black denim, and a classic staple piece the leather jacket. 
It's amazing how many occasions and styles of dresses there are available and how far they've come since back in the day. Of course the first opportunity we all go through when it comes to picking the ultimate dress is of course our Prom Dress. Theres so many styles and colours for Prom Dresses, it really makes us girls go insane at a young age. Then it's likely we then go onto Bridesmaid Dresses. This can be a hard one because we ideally can't choose what we wear, but we can give a helping hand on the Bridesmaid Section. There is so many occasions that really do revolve around the dress, such as Communion Dresses, wedding dresses, baby shower dresses, let's face it girls we need a dress for every occasion.