Right guys, so today I thought I’d break away from my usual chit chat about pretty shoes and todays outfits and talk about something a bit closer to home. I've been approached by NRS Healthcare to talk about Glaucoma in support of Glaucoma week 2017. With Glaucoma being in my family it would be a great way for me to share the word on the guide that has been put together by the guys at NRS Healthcare. 
Over 300,000 people are expected to be living with undetected Glaucoma in the UK. Which is why I think it's so important to get the word out so you can spot it sooner rather than later. Men are 16% more likely to gain serious sight loss. Glaucoma can really happen to anyone, at any time is doesn't matter your age or your health. The way I look at it sight is such a precious object in our life. Like to not be able to see your loved ones again, to not be in control of where you're walking and your safety. it really takes away all your independence in one go. 

The guys at NRS Healthcare also did a interview with 81 year old Beatrice about her expensive with Glaucoma which is a serious read. "A positive attitude is especially important when you’re older. You’ve got to get out there and look after yourself.”