I was reading a post earlier this week (sorry I forgot who) and it was such a simple post listing all the things that bring a little bit of happiness to their life. So here we go let's spread a bit of positivity!

1. Bangers & Mash. I'm common as muck and this traditional meal is a classic to make me smile.
2. Black Ankle Boots. I'm a complete crazy woman when it comes to black ankle boots, I want them all!
3. Cactus. #so #tumblr #so #pintrest
4. My boyfriend. He does my head in but he's funny and does a cracking  Australian accent at maccies drive thru.
5. Instagram. I love the hashtags and all the filters.
6. Dogs. It doesn't matter where I am if I see a dog I'm gone.
7. Zac Efron. Since 2006 he's been my crush that's not changing any time soon.
8. Pretty Nails. I love getting my nails done and feeling all girly and pretty.
9. Good Make up days. Hey when it goes right it's worth a smile.
10. My Dog. coming home and her running to me is the best feeling in the world.