BIO-CLEANSING CONDITIONER 400ML  $29.00/£23.31 | DRY CLEANSER 147ML $24.00/£19.29 


My hair is my pride and joy, it's the one feature that always gets commented on and asked about. However my hair can be a right old pain in the ass when it comes to keeping it looking non-greasy. Also the hell of the general 3 hours I need to get my hair washed, dried, and straightened. 
So when I was asked if I wanted to try out un-washed I jumped at the chance after reading all about the brand. My hair is very thick and wavy, so for me I want a product I can use that will keep my hair in good condition for a long time. I try to wash my hair every 3 -4 days, or longer if I can get creative with the top knot haha. 
In the first week I put the UNWASH DRY CLEANSER to the test. The best way for me to describe this product is like a dry shampoo, without the nasty white marks, or nasty dry brittle hair.  I first applied the product to my hair on day 2 washed hair. I then applied the product on day 3 and it kept the same effect, while adding shine and making my hair smooth and soft again. I ended up being able to use the product in the morning for 4 days before washing my hair. I couldn't recommend this more for people who are regular dry shampoo/conditioner users that want a more effective and just a product that looks after your locks while refreshed for longer without washing. 

I then went on to add in the BIO CLEANSING CONDITIONER. I can honestly say this has changed my hair routine for life. After my first use I wasn't expecting miracles, who would? But as soon as I left the shower I noticed how quick my hair was already drying at just from stepping out of the shower. Having thick hair my hair is forever holding onto the water for hours. Once my hair was fully dry, the full extent of the results were amazing. My hair felt like it had a brand new cut, it was smooth and soft and this feeling stayed for days... My hair gathers a lot of dirt, and nasty oils, I felt like my hair had been stripped of them all fully un like previous washes. 

I've already noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair, from the texture to the over all shine and look of my colour. (I don't colour my hair anymore so I can't comment on if it effects dyed hair colour.) If you're like me with thick or just very high maintenance hair I will tell you now to get these products as your hair life will be changed. While I would say the products are a bit pricey they do exactly what they say. Feel free to the check out the products at