Despite not going to university and basically self-teaching myself a lot when it comes to blogging and photography I'm always looking at other ways to improve and develop my photography skills. I get a lot of comments on my photography and how I take my photos. Now don't get me wrong I have got some previous experience as I did learn photography at college as A Level and I've always had a keen eye for taking photo's and experimenting with different angles also instagram is a huge love in my life. However as my blog is growing, and cameras have more details and specs theres constantly more to learn in the world of photography.

However with working full time and still trying to keep my blog ahead of the times as it's constantly growing through the years I do have periods in which I really struggle to make any content purely to not having the time or resources. Over at Bidvine you can create a quick search for all your needs from -home, wellness, learning, events, care, wedding planning and more.  So basically if you're a busy bee just like me, Bidvine can do all the work for you. So if you're in need of a second pair of hands let Bidvine sort you out from a few simple questions and good old search of the web. 

I used Bidvine to search for my own personal photographer, someone I could meet up with every two weeks to get some shots done. I searched that I needed a photographer, and my postcode. It was then followed by a quick survey to help find the perfect match for me in alinement with my requirements. I also included my budget to help get the right price match too. After 2-3 days I then received a email with all the matches of the photographers that met my requirements along with portfolios showcasing their work. Which really allowed me to pick the right match for me. 

Bidvine was a great tool for myself to use with my schedule and really took he pressure of searching, and searching and not really getting anywhere having al my requirements met and no down sides it helped so much, and of course saved so much time.

Will you be giving Bidvine a go next time you need a helping hand?