I'm fully in chill mode after having a positive week at work last week, then a nice three day weekend. In which I could finally enjoy some chill time after the positive thoughts from the work week. Sometimes it's hard to be positive about life in general when theres a lot of negativity surrounding you. For me I know too well I'm a right old moaner. I moan about anything and everything. But where does moaning really get you if you just moan and take no action? 
We all get into situations where life just ain't that breezy weezy chill time as we thought it would be. The past few weeks I've really realised how much I have/how lucky I am to have a supportive family, and to be surrounded by nice things which of course I work hard for but still take for granted as their just a direct debit exiting my account every month. Despite still having a few goals and a few places to visit to complete in my life, I'm content with where I'm at and what I've achieved so far. What are you proud of or happy about right now?