So here it is! my new hair! A lot of people were so shocked when I showed them the huge chop I had done. But it was due. I've had extensions in for so long, that I got a little lazy and I never really get my natural hair done. While my hair up-keep hasn't been amazing, the use of bleach to maintain my blonde balayage has also taken it's toll. I guess you could say my hair needed a bit of love. 
So I styled my hair without extensions and made my way up to Regis Telford. Once I arrived I sat down at the chair with my album of photos ready to share with my stylist Kim. I cannot praise and thank Kim enough for how amazing she was through the whole process from really bouncing with my ideas for the colour and cut. Right to helping me make the right choices with shares and really building my hair back up with some new products. 
So what is Smart Colour Bonding? I've heard a lot of people going to have Olaplex. While they are both very similar treatments however Smart Colour Bonding is great for people looking for the same treatment at a more affordable price. Smartbond is a two-step process that allows the stylist to protect hair from damage during and immediately after your usual colour service. The first stage involves the Smartbond treatment being added to your usual hair colour and mixed in. The treatment can then take effect while your colour is developing, with no additional development time needed. Next, a second treatment is applied to your hair once your colour has been rinsed off as a pre-shampoo. There is also a take-home product available, which will help to strengthen your hair at home in between appointments. 
 Kim put the bonding treatment in both my root dye and my lengths. So for my colour I decided to make my roots darker again. For some time I've toyed with darkening my roots. I then also had my baggage highbred so the blonde was more dragged out and allowed for the shades to blend much better. The great thing about my hair is that it can look completely different in different lights. I'm in love with the colour and the new fresh finish. However I'm interested to see how I get on with my roots. Already two weeks on the roots are creeping out.
So after the process and washing away the dye, and then the pre shampoo process was added. I then went back to my chair where Kim began to brush my hair with a comb! With a comb! my thick unhealthy hair was being brushed with a comb! This was done before the cut. I couldn't believe how the quality of my hair had changed so dramatically. I also have the step three process which is a conditioner which has really been maintaining the same effect I left the salon with.
Now the cut, a lot of people didn't see me with short hair but once they did, I had a lot of people saying how much it suits me. It felt so nice to have short hair and not have this long hair fluffing and getting in the way. I'd been toying with the choppy lob for some time now after seeing so many girls looking so sassy and chic with the lob. 

Right, so whats the verdict? I'd honestly say I will be going back to a Regis Salons again to have my roots topped up but also to continue the Smart Colour Bonding treatment processing on my hair. Since the treatment I've noticed such a difference in the condition and of course the colour still looks amazing and has actually stayed so fresh still after a number of washes later. Prices? Luckily the Smart Colour Bonding Treatment won't break the bank. It only costs £5 extra on top of your colour service or £15 just for the treatment. Honestly I can say that is a bargain for amazing condition it leaves your hair in. 

*The treatment and services were all offered to be free of charge on a review basic all views and opinions are of my own.*