Working full time where I have to wear the brands gets a bit tricky sometimes. Your wardrobe get's limited, you loose your flare for style and creating a look and feeling like a queen all day. Having not worked for Riverisland for long I defiantly struggle to keep my outfits fresh and to my own personal style. However recently I've really been trying to try different trends, explore new styles and actually be more body confident. Because let's face it when it comes down to outfits and wearing a certain item it's all about how confident and good we feel. I'm well known for my oversized tops to cover my bum or just to hide away my humps. But why should I? Yes I have an ass and I have hips. I shouldn't hide them away I should embrace my curves. Style is the one way we can really be creative everyday. So for me I'm going to experiment more and I'm going to stand proud in my outfits. 

What do you want to do more when it comes to your personal style?