I've really lost my passion for blogging at the moment, and sadly I don't think I'm alone. The blogging community use to be such an inspiring, empowering and creative place. While now it's a guessing game of which blogger is gonna fuck up and tweet/type/film the wrong thing. I'm all for having an opinion but what happened to the days of just supporting one another? 
I love it when I see girls post about other girls. We should all build one another up, not down. Yes there are some right knobs out there, but let's stop giving them the lime light and views and look for the positives. 
I never really share my favourite bloggers/youtubers/instagrams which is wrong. I'm guilty of not supporting my community. So from now on I'm going to make sure I share my favourite blogs, RT new posts on Twitter, heck I'll put some instagrams on my instal-stories because your not going to get anywhere without showing some love to the ones that build you up. So to kick start it up Thursday I'll be post a few of my favourite bloggers, and i'll try to make it into a monthly thing. So this is my way of falling back in love with the blogging community! I thought my top would be very fitting for this topic of post. Will you be joining me to share the love?