It all started IN 2012...

Hello, I'm Chloe call me, Cloe, Coco whatever your heart desires! I'm 22 from Shropshire but I'm always on the move as I seem to always be commenting for work or just on my travels! You will find me merchandising in your local high street as I've been a Visual merchandiser for a number of brands on the high street. I've also been capturing my daily outfits and sharing them on my little corner of the internet that I call UNWRITTEN HOLLYWOOD. The name originally came from my favourite song by Natasha Bedingfield, then Hollywood where I was hoping to live one day. But I was 16 at the time. You can now find all my social media platforms by adding 'unwritten' in front of my name. 

I started this blog after reading blogs for so long, and wanting my own to share my own passion for styling and sharing all my thoughts on my new purchases. Over the years my blog has expanded to beauty, lifestyle and travel related posts as I share all my experiences and travels as I've grown. 


for DA checks please refer to my previous website of www.unwrittenhollywood.com