Being single again has been a blessing in disguise, but also a big eye opener for me when it comes to what I actually want in a man and what will make me happy in the long run. But while I've been out and about meeting new people It's all become clear and made me realise falling for my fantasy and "dream" guy isn't all it's cracked up to be, but what is going to make me happy in the long run.

"I am attractive, and men do fancy me" The one thing that really affected me when I became single was "shit I've put on weight how is anyone going to find me attractive?" Luckily I did loose a few of the extra pounds which were put on from my previous relationship. I'm a size 14/16 yet still feel the need to put myself down as I'm not a size 8 and not everything will be flattering on me. It's always been something that stops me from going on many dates and feeling like I just won't look like most lads think and maybe look "bigger" in person. But I've never had a bad date where a lad has totally pied me off or tried to run away (well not yet) Since being single I've defiantly been a lot more free, and more confident within myself to go on dates and not care if we don't work out because I still went and I still did something my head was trying to tell me I wasn't good enough for. But the main learning curve came from all the lads I have dated over the past 7 months. yes we didn't work out but they still accepted me and found me attractive. To which Yes I am attractive and lads do like girls with curves, you'll just be surprised who does. 

"I really am a one guy kinda girl" You know when you hear about people talking and dating more than one person at once. I just couldn't keep up. You really know when I'm starting to like a guy when he's got my number and it's only him i'm talking to....Oh and if he's already getting make up free, ugly ass selfies damn I trust him.

"Sometimes you'll go back to old flames" Don't worry I'm not about to tell you I went back to ex...no but we all have that guy where you both like each other it's just never really happened for you both. These are the guys that are always there after you break up with the dickhead, then make you feel like a million dollars and the queen you are girl. But in the long run it still isn't going to happen for you both. I've learn't this guy is great when I need to moan and a little bit of attention but let's face it if it was going to happen it would of happened 4 years ago when he had you at his place. 

'He just wants a blow job" It's true there's still lads out there that will make out they want the happy relationship with cosy nights in. But in reality they just want a quick blowie in their 07 Corsa. I've definitely learn't that lads are still up to their old tricks. In fact I've been completely shocked by the amount of men that have GIRLFRIENDS yet will still try to fuck about with you. it's pretty sad really that theres not many lads being faithful. Any girls that do get approached by these assholes, please tell them to go fuck themselves. 

"the good ones come when you don't expect it" I've recently found that it's usually the lads that I don't really initially fancy or reply to end up being the ones with the most bater/ideal soul mate. I've been guilty of only judging a book by it's cover but some of the lads I've been taking to have really took me by surprise. Which proves it's really not about looks on both sides. 

"It's okay to friend zone them" It can be a bit disappointing when you get all slammed and ready for a first date after a week of texting and this is where you see if it's really going to go anywhere between the two of you. Then BOO you just don't see any attraction romantically with them, but wait you still get on? Well friend zone the guy and become his friend. it's amazing what a few more mates in your life and do for you, also lads are the best to hangout with.


So it's been 7 months of a few ups and downs, but I feel like I'm finally getting a grip of the dating game and exactly what I'm after.