My style has definitely evolved the past year. I don't know whether it's working for a new brand and seeing their take on the trends or just my confidence within my own style that has become much stronger. I know too well a few years ago I wouldn't of dared to wear something so bold like this outfit, I'd throw some jeans to make it more casual and "suitable". I've definitely realised just throwing on jeans or calming down a outfit isn't always the best way to go. Sometimes dressing in a outfit that you love can be the biggest confident boost and can make you feel like a utter queen. But despite my confidence within my personal style growing I always find myself going back to my old school style of the band tee's and all black outfits. I'll always have a soft spot for band tee's. I think I'm going to put a little mood board post on where I get my outfit inspiration from; like who i follow on Instagram to what I re-pin on pinterest.  

So let's break down this look - I stole my dads tee yet again, But whenever I do wear a band tee I like to take the colours of the print and base the rest of the outfit around that colour, so say it's a iron maiden tee; I'll take the red from the fire and add a red lip or a red bag. So for this look I took the blue and decided to add my new skirt I got from work. I'm obsessed with this skirt as soon as it came it I brought it. I've also recently discovered this shape/style is a nice flatter look for me with the frills. I use to stay away from any type of frills and skater styles but it seems they actually work within my favour. However with the length of the tee you don't really see the full detail of the skirt. (you can see this on the website) Although I really like how you just see the bottle of the frill sticking out of the bottom of the skirt, I know a few people have actually mistaken this this look for being a dress. Then moving on to the accessories, another post I need to write up is my earring collection; I'm obsessed with stamens earrings at the moment. You can also get some really cheap ones from places such as Primark and H&M. These ones in this post are actually in the sale at Primark so go hunt them down! as they were only £1!!!! (RRP £2) I don't usually opt for silver however I think it's going to be my new shade for A/W. 

What's your key pieces you always go back to no matter the trends?