When it comes to winter it's one of them, you'll either love it or hate it. I'm definitely a winter bunny. I love everything winter has to bring from layers, hot drinks, christmas and all the food. However it also brings a lot of annoying issues such as bad skin and rubbish hair. That all just seems to go to pot when the colder months draw in. Your hair starts to have a little fit as it is harder to maintain moisture, making it brittle and prone to breaking and damage, oh not to mention the frizz and static that often comes with your winter wardrobe.(not the best look to match my new teddy bear coat!)  However, these are all problems that can be avoided with ease as long as you have the right hair care routine for winter.

KEEP IT MOISTURISED - Something that has affected my scalp these winter months is a dry scalp, which leads to dandruff and a very irritated head. I suffer with Eczema which has always caused me a lot of issues with my skin but definitely the big one has always been my scalp as I've always been constantly having to change up my hair wash routine due to the irritatation that can be caused. So you can fight away the irritated scalp by using hair masks, but also using oils to help moisturise and maintain a health scalp. I would recommend coconut oil, it's my go to for moisturising my locks. 

DRY YOUR HAIR RIGHT - It's honestly my biggest pain in life to dry my hair. I mean I have to full dedicate a whole night or a day off to washing my hair because of how thick and frizzy it is! But let me tell you now - don't ever put your hair up while it's still damp! This is the main cause of dandruff and split ends! let your locks fly about for a few hours while they dry naturally. It's also great to avoid head such as hair dryers.

CONDITION THAT HAIR GIRL - My favourite part of washing my hair is always the conditioning. I love the texture of my hair after the conditioner has been washed away. Conditioning your hair this season is one of the biggest most important parts of your routine for your ends! The ends of your hair are the oldest, and most damaged part. You need to baby your ends in conditioner and oils to constantly keep them maintained and moisturised. 

HAIR LOSS? If you're like me and are pretty blessed to have thick hair, even though it is a pain. You'll probably not too concerned over hair loss. However hair loss is something that effect a lot of people. Luckily these days you can easily sort this issue out so your head isn't too cold over the winter months with a Hair Transplant. These days you can get a FUE at The Harley Street Hair Clinic; During an FUE transplant, a highly experienced doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area, typically the back of the neck, using a specialised extraction instrument less than 1mm in diameter. Follicles are then transferred to the recipient area on your scalp and implanted using a powerful stereo microscope in groups of one to four hairs, just as they grow in nature. This is a Minimally invasive,surgical procedure so you will remain fully conscious the whole time as only local anesthetic is required. Recovery time is short and the risk of complications is low. This is a great alternative to having to buy a wig!