I think one of the first things you can do to keep on top of everything this season is to be organised. You don't realise what you'll forget in all the hustle and celebrations this christmas season. 


Why is it that this time of year we all get a little stress and go into panic mode as you have so much to do, so much to pay for and sooooo much to buy! It really is one of the most festive but stressful times of the year, where keeping your social life going while trying to buy loads of presents and do loads of things becomes a struggle. This year I decided to get on top of everything and not let anything pull me away and make me go a little crazy. 

FRIENDSHIPS & LOVED ONES This time of year theres so much to do with friends and loved ones that it can be hard to fit it all in. With my shifts at work and not really having a daily routine as I constantly have change within my work life. I really struggle to do things outside of work. But for me it's been key to just go see friends even if it's just for an hour after work, go for drink, go to spoons for a cheeky G&T. No matter how little the time is with them the effort is still there. Also plan ahead. There's nothing I love more than planning new adventures and experiences to share and filling up my calaneder with all the good stuff. 



No matter how little or how little time, the effort has still been made to keep on top of your friendships and to keep your social life full of fun and adventure. Don't let the worries of present buying and work stop you from kicking back and having a cheeky drink with your girls to gossip. 

PRESENT BUYING Of course one of the biggest and most expensive parts of Christmas; is the presents. I'm one of them people that will get carried away. Especially now we have more kids in the family you find yourself getting carried away buying toys because seeing their little face light up is just the best right? However it can be easy to do this and keep buying and buying until you realise it's December 9th and your bank account has £20. OOPS luckily there are Loans that are available for situations like this where you just need some extra cash to get you by until next pay day. At Cash Lady they offer quick loans for bad credit.  But of course to keep your present buying at bay, so you don't need to do that write a list. make priorities and of course like I did this year start early. I started my Christmas shopping in August this year to get me ahead.