I feel like all I want to do at the minute is break away, go visit all of the world and live life to the max. I'm secretly making plans for my next holiday in my head. I think especially this time of year, everyone is off on their holibobs and it leaves you jealous and itching to buy that plane ticket asap. Recently all I can think about is my future. Where I want to be in my career, where do I want to live, where do I want to grow old? You know the standard questions you start to ask yourself when you're in your 20's and everyone is having babies, getting engaged and your just excited for your next night out on the pull or if the lad you just super liked on tinder will you like you back. 

So what is my future going to hold? Statistics show rising numbers of people planning on retiring abroad. More people who are planning their retirement, are wanting to move abroad to live and enjoy a retirement in the sun, according to study by  which shows that 57% of people are more likely to hope on a plane and start live again in a new place abroad after retirement!  View the full article here -

I definitely think for right now, moving to another country isn't on my list. Although when I'm older desperate to get my tan on had all my kids, got a sexy husband I'll be on that plane and off to start a new and beautiful life in the sun. I've always watched them programs in the day where you see couples move to Australia and it's always been a dream of mine to move there for the amazing lifestyle AUS has to offer. However it has shown New Zealand and AUS no longer offer the cheaper housing market - 

"In comparison with UK’s and New Zealand’s house expenses, New Zealand’s prices rose up to 6% in the last couple of years. Whereas house prices in the UK rose slightly at a slower pace remaining close to 5%. Auckland, NZ is the country’s most expensive housing with an average price of $825,000 (NZ) £464,227 (GBP). London remains the most expensive place in the UK in which to own a property. The value of house prices in the capital increased by 2.9%."

But let's all be real now, while we all dream of jetting off and getting away the truth is we all love England really. When I go away I miss home, I miss my local town as awful as it is. But there's something about being home and in that place you've grown up in and that nothing will ever replace. Even the sun. 

For more details on the facts and informations shared visit the full article here.